Jen’s Adoption Story

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Jen wedding-B4Continuing with our spotlight on adoption, I thought it would be helpful for a close friend to share her story which resulted in a wonderful new addition to her family! Here, in her words, is their beautiful story. Happy National Adoption Awareness Month!

When we failed to conceive naturally or through in-vitro fertilization, our hearts were opened to the idea of becoming parents through adoption. As Connie mentioned, it is quite an in-depth process! Part of the adoption application included the creation of a “Birthmother Album”. We enjoyed using pictures and stories to tell of our first 10 years together as a couple. We wondered, “Would a birthmother like our album?” Since we were an older couple of around 40, we prepared ourselves for the possibility of a 2-3 year wait.

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It turned out that our worries were for naught! Three months later our agency informed us that a birthmother was interested in meeting with us who was six months pregnant with a baby girl. We were excited, yet anxious to meet her: “Would we like each other? Would we feel a connection? Would we have some common interests?” We were thrilled when meeting each other though, as we all connected immediately. We were struck by her courage and strength in making an adoption plan despite her family’s lack of support. It’s a very difficult decision to make, let alone one to make when you have little support. We felt a wonderful closeness to this birth mother though and knew in our hearts that if she asked, we would agree to parent her baby.

Within a (very long) week, we were overjoyed to hear the news that she had chosen us! We waited with cautious optimism as her due date approached. However we were unprepared for the pain and sadness we felt when we learned that she had delivered one month early and chose to parent her baby girl.

We believed that we would have to start that taxing process again but two months later on a Saturday night the same birth mother called us at home to ask us to adopt that same baby girl. Without a moment’s hesitation we said “YES!” It is hard to describe the joy we felt when, less than 48 hours later we were holding an 8-week-old baby girl in our arms that was now our daughter.


Although there are many challenges associated with adoption, they are far outweighed by the blessings and joys of being parents (not to say that parenting doesn’t come with it’s own set of challenges!). This process has also given us a greater appreciation for the birthmother’s courage in choosing what was in the best interest of her child despite the loss it meant for her. When we celebrate our “Family Day” each year, we are thankful for the faith, hope, and love that brought our family together.

Jen, adoptive mother

Peace and love to all our families who are celebrating their Family Day. Be sure to share your love with each other and cherish your days together.